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Woodhouse is a traditional small farm created in 1808 from the walled garden, cherry orchard (a seven acre field which had wild cherry trees in it) and other small scraps of land which had once been part of the grand Fisherwick Estate. Though no longer seen in comercial terms as a farm Woodhouse is home to a small herd of Irish Moiled Cattle, Gloucester Old Spot and Black Pigs and 150 chickens for eggs. Once again fruit and vegetables are grown in the 3.5 acre walled garden, produce is sold through a farm shop and people are encouraged to join the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project which has been offering vegetable shares since 2011.


CSAs allow the community to support the farmer by signing up to the season, members guarentee the farms income, help with work days and receive a weekly/fortnightly share of fresh seasonal produce. As a community interest company the farm goes about its business producing fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs while having a secondary aim to use the farm for community good. 


While work on the walled garden was in its early stages a chance meeting in the local pub opened the farm to the possibility of being a venue for care farming. January 2010 saw Woodhouse host its first project in partnership with Staffordshire Care Farming and Development CIC a partnership that still exists and has grown to involve people not only recovering from mental health issues but also abuse, physical disability and supports to families. 


As a project Woodhouse wants to encourage the use of local seasonal produce, growing and cookery as therapeutice activities and training in heritage skills. We have a selection of on going volunteer roles if you could spare a few hours a week or maybe you would like to attend one of our Saturday work parties looking at unearthing some of the features left from The Fisherwick Estate. Please give Annamarie a call on 01543 432005 or have a look at our events page for the next volunteer day.


We have a cafe providing tea, fresh coffee, squash and homemade cakes. You can also purchase fresh and frozen produce, preserves and baked goods.

Our Team

Andrew Stone

Andrew is our grower and farmer. He can be seen feeding the pigs and cattle first thing in the morning and then spends most of his day looking afer the vegetable crops, harvesting and picking the vegetables shares for collection & delivery. He can also be found in the thick of any maintenance tasks needed on the farm and helping making the sausages as and when needed.  

Annamarie Stone

Unlike Andrew, Annamarie is not from a farming background but with training and determination has fitted into the role of butcher, administrator, keeper of chickens and hostess. She works hard to make sure nothing goes to waste with jam, chutney and pickling also in her job role along with chief cake and pork pie maker - not forgetting sausgae rolls.

Allan Hayes

Allan brings to the project a wealth of knowledge in the field of fruit with numerous years spent in the fruiting orchards of kent. His green fingers also support Andrew in the growing of vegetables and bedding plants which you will see in the borders of the walled garden.

Woodhouse Farm and Garden CIC

Woodhouse Farm

Fisherwick Wood Lane


WS13 8QG


Tel: 01543 432005

Come along to the farm on Fridays or Saturdays 11-4, for a coffee and to purchase a selection of seasonal farm produce.  Don't forget to say hello to the animals and have a walk around the walled garden. You're very welcome!

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